Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon
Sat, 4.13.2024 · Albany, NY


This site is primarily still showing 2024 information. We anticipate a date of Sat, 4/12/2025 for next year but this will not be finalized until late summer, along with many other details for 2025.


The Helderberg to Hudson Half Marathon is a full-scale "major event" in the Capital of New York. It is a point-to-point downhill course on a very fast surface. It debuted in 2019 with over 2,500 registrants and is now faster than ever, taking advantage of recent updates to the final 2 miles of the course to reduce the number of turns and the paving of a brand new surface.

See photos and video here.


Saturday, April 13, 2024
8:30AM: Race Start


PPU will be offered on Thur (4/11), Fri (4/12), and race day (Sat, 4/13). Please take note of the LOCATIONS indicated below.

Please make every effort to get your packet BEFORE race day. Yes, someone else can pick it up.

Thur, 4/115PM to 7PMJennings Landing (Race Finish)
Fri, 4/1212PM to 6PMJennings Landing (Race Finish)
Sat, 4/137AM to 8AMWallace Park* (Race Start)

*Remember, you can NOT park at the Start Line.

If picking up your bib on race day, please note that ONLY your bib will be available at the start line. If you ordered merchandise (or need to pick up anything else), you can get those items AFTER you finish.



Wallace (New Scotland) Town Park
148 Swift Rd
Slingerlands, NY 12159

*There is no parking at the start. Please refer here for complete details.

Jennings Landing (Amphitheater)
1 Quay St
Albany, NY 12207


ARE Members save $5 here.
$65through 12/31
$75in January
$85in February
$90in March
$99in April


In addition to a truly awesome experience, there's a lot included!

  1. Live tracking every 5K
  2. A free bus ride to the start line from the finish
  3. A delicious post run meal
  4. 1 free beer at the finish courtesy of Fort Orange Brewing
  5. Live Music
  6. Free race photos
  7. Your name printed on your bib
  8. Gear check (we drive your stuff back to the finish)
  9. A sweet finisher's medal
Please note that merchandise items are not included with the base entry fee but are available as add-ons.

New for 2024: Food Trucks at the Finish Festival
While all participants get a complimentary meal, beer, and chocolate milk, the addition of food trucks provides numerous options for spectators who are looking for a convenient way to purchase a meal, along with the option for participants to get additional food while hanging out after the race.
  1. Healthy Cafe Food Truck
  2. The Hungry Traveler Food Truck
  3. Times Square Catering Food Truck


The South End Children's Cafe (SECC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to impact food security, address food equality and food justice, enhance academic success and positively influence the physical and mental health of children by offering free, healthy meals along with homework help, academic enrichment, mentoring, exercise, and the arts.

Contribute to SECC


Be amazing and give yourself an awesome spring goal!

Take on the Electric City 10K in March (Sat, 3/2), the Helderberg to Hudson 13.1M in April (Sat, 4/13), and then join us for the Miles on the Mohawk 10M in May (Sun, 5/26).

Those registering for the 29.3 Challenge receive a discount AND a super cool medal for the challenge.

Just $135 through 1/9 to run ALL THREE races. (After 1/9, the price is $150.)

Already registered for the H2H and want to update your registration to the 29.3 Challenge?
Login to your Registrant Portal (via your Confirmation Email) and use the green button to 'Change Your Registration Selection' to the 29.3 Challenge.


View the Training Plans

There are two training plan options based upon your current fitness/general goal for the race. Even if you are not starting with them from the day they begin (Mon, 1/15), they can still work well for you if adapting them as your training within February through early March.


The race begins at Wallace Town Park in Voorheesville - a town with a population smaller than the anticipated size of this event.

There is NO PARKING at the start line, nor within 1 mile of it.

All participants should park by the finish at the ParkAlbany Riverfront Garage and use the free bus service.
Buses will be provided from there (State St/Broadway) to the start, running continuously from 6AM until 7:15AM.

  • There is no bus service after 7:15AM.
  • There is no bus service after the race.
  • There is no parking at the start nor within 1 mile of it.
  • You are welcome to get dropped off at or park at either Voorheesville Elementary School or St. Matthews Church. (Both are by the 1 mile mark) and walk to the start. (This requires you to arrange your own transport back to your car post-race.)
  • There is also the discouraged but allowed option to get dropped off near the start line. The exact details of this are TBD based upon the total number of people desiring this.

The registration page asks for your expected method of getting to the start line.


Pets and strollers are not permitted on the race course.


Head to the Results section to also see photos and video from previous years.


We need help to make this race happen. Volunteers are primarily needed as course marshals, as well as helping with general staging. No prior experience is necessary.


For those unable to attend, you do have the option (after registering as an in-person registrant), to switch to be a virtual participant. This is done via your Registrant Portal.

  1. Virtual participants have from Fri, 4/12 through Sun, 4/21 to complete their run.
  2. There is no restriction regarding the route or surface you choose.
  3. Submit your results via your Registrant Portal page linked in your Confirmation Email. (You will also receive an email race week with this link, or you can look it up here.)
    Virtual participants may pick up their item(s) at the in-person packet pick-up. If unable to attend, those who switch to virtual by March 26, will have their items (ie. medal and if applicable, their optionally ordered merchandise) shipped to them at no fee. Those who switch on March 27 or after will only have their items shipped if they pay the $10 shipping fee, for which they will receive an email in late April with the option to do so.

Registration Policies


For an additional $16, which can only be paid at the moment you create your registration, you can insure your registration. This provides for a NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund of your entry with a deadline of Wed, 4/10 at 11:59:59PM ET. The request must be made as an email to director@helderbergtohudsonhalf.com prior to that time. After 4/10 this insurance expires and refunds will not be granted.


If choosing the insurance, it is for your collective entry into all 3 events. If you desire to use the insurance, please note the following:

  1. 2/28 is the deadline for a full refund. (ie. the EC10K deadline for reg insurance usage)
  2. From 2/28 through 4/10, the total refundable insurance amount is reduced by $30.
  3. The insurance expires on 4/10 (in the same fashion as for a H2H-only registration.)


There are no refunds. The only exception is if you purchase registration insurance (and then you are still subject to the deadline as explained above). If you do NOT purchase registration insurance, your entry is non-refundable. If you still desire some method to recoup some of your entry and you did not purchase registration insurance, you can try to find someone to transfer your entry to, as described below.


Note: Transfers do not count towards referrals.

Transfers are permitted through March 31. A transfer is when you officially give your registration to someone else by providing them with a code generated by ZippyReg from your Registrant Portal, linked in your confirmation email. (Get help here.)

By clicking a button, you permanently give-up your registration, generating a code that you can give to someone else to take that voided registration. The person replacing you then registers with that code, paying only the $15 transfer fee. If you desire to be reimbursed for any portion of your entry fee, this is arranged between you and the other person - it is fully independent of ZippyReg.com (our registration provider).


There are no deferrals. Consider either purchasing registration insurance or transferring your entry to someone else (described above) if you otherwise are unable to attend.

Results & Awards

Timing Information

ARE Event Productions (the organization also directing the event) will be timing the race, providing live tracking (every 5K) & results. The results will include both GUN and NET time.

Awards Information

OVERALL - GUN TIME Basis - Cash Prizes & Bonuses
The Top 3 Male and Female finishers
The Top 3 MASTERS (Age 40+) Male and Female finishers (If within the Top 3 Overall, wins BOTH cash prizes.)

Please be present at the main stage at 10:30am for the awards ceremony.

Prize Money and Bonus Amounts will be announced in early 2024.
If you anticipate potentially being a prize money winner, please refer to the Elite Entry & Prize Money Information section.

All overall (cash) winners are included in their age groups. (There IS 'duplication'). As such, the results will accurately show everyone's placing in their division.

The Top 3 Male and Female finishers in each age group (based on NET time) will receive an award. Categories: 14-U, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+


All half marathon finishers receive a medal at the finish line.

Event Store

Get yourself some awesome gear here!


Photo Course Tour

View the Route on Strava


This FAST SURFACE & point-to-point DOWNHILL USATF certified course (NY22001JG) starts at Stephen P. Wallace (New Scotland Town) Park and finishes at Jennings Landing on the Hudson River. The first ~2 miles are on the streets of Voorheesville. The next 9 miles are on the gently descending paved path of the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail. The final ~2 miles are on the rail trail connector to the Hudson River bike path.


See the Spectator's Guide available here. (That is the 2023 version.)


Starting Elevation: 423'
Max Elevation: 513' at 0.42 miles
The race then drops 500' to a finishing elevation of 13'.


Portable toilets are located at each water stop.


There are 6 water stops. NUUN will be available at stops #3, #4, #5, and #6.
Stop #4 will have GU (Flavors Vanilla Bean and Salted Caramel)

IT IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED AND PREFERRED that you run with your own water carrying device. (ie. Bottle, pack, etc.) This will reduce both physical and litter waste, along with enable us to better allocate event personnel to activities that enhance your experience.

If you DO use a cup you receive on the course, PLEASE either throw it in a garbage can that is placed shortly after the water stop OR continue to run with it packed into your shorts, etc. until you reach the next water stop/garbage can.


12.02.0Pine St just prior to Voorheesville Ave
23.21.2Rail Trail - Intersection with Hilton
35.72.5Rail Trail - Kenwood Parking Lot
48.02.3Rail Trail - American Legion
510.82.7Rail Trail - Exit onto Route 32
611.91.1South End Connector Trail under 787 by 4th Ave


You must reach each checkpoint by the indicated cut-off time to remain in the race. Those behind pace will be driven back to the finish line by event staff.

LocationDistanceTime of DayClock TimePace
Water Stop #3 - Kenwood5.79:55am1:2514:54
Water Stop #5 - Route 3210.811:15am2:4515:16
Finish Line13.112:00pm3:3016:01


We welcome your consideration of being an event sponsor. Your involvement will help elevate the event as well as expand the reach of your brand.





Event Record - Male
1:03:55 (4:53 pace) set by Daniel Lennon (24, Albany, NY) in 2019
Event Record - Female
1:16:50 (5:52 pace) set by Rachel Schilkowsky (31, Providence, RI) in 2023


Voorheesville to the Hudson River on the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail

13.1M Results
Virtual Results


Voorheesville to the Hudson River on the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail

13.1M Results
Virtual Results


Voorheesville to the Hudson River on the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail

13.1M Results
Virtual Results


Loop course staged from the Altamont Fairgrounds

13.1M Results
5K Results
Virtual Results


Loop course staged from the Altamont Fairgrounds

13.1M Results
Virtual Results


Voorheesville to the Hudson River on the Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail

13.1M Results


2024 Photos

Photos from 2024 are available both on your personal results page and at the SmugMug link below.

The photos in your results are from the 5K, 15K, and Finish line (and show the pics taken about the time you passed those locations.)

Photos at the SmugMug link are from non timing locations.

2024 SmugMug Photos

2019, 2020, 2021: Photos from the event are integrated directly into the individual results page for each participant. As such, access the results above and click on a person's name to their see their photos.

2019 Photo Sampling



75s Video


60s Video 140s Video


2022 Video


2021 Video


2020 Video


2019 Short Video 2019 Long Video


Promoting the sport on all sides of the finish line.


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